Travertine Restoration

Deep Cleaning & Sealing

After 15 years of built up ingrained dirt in this travertine floor, our customer was finding it difficult to maintain and wanted us to give it a professional deep clean.

Travertine can have many small holes that can fill with dirt that regular cleaning cleaning methods are simply not effective in removing which can make the floor look darker in colour, losing its natural beauty. 

The textured surface of travertine makes it easy for dirt, grime and bacteria to get trapped in the small pits, holes and grout lines which can lead to a unhealthy and unsightly floor.

Our travertine deep cleaning process uses our heavy duty powerful orbital machines with soft brushes combined with our premium eco-friendly cleaning solution to deep scrub the stone. This combination allows us to remove years worth of stubborn dirt returning the stone to its original natural beauty, along with the grout lines returning to their original light colour. (See images below)

Once the floor was fully dry using our power dryers, we sealed the stone and grout lines with our premium impregnating sealer. This will help protect the floor from oil/water based stains and help our customer with everyday maintenance. We also provided maintenance advice to help prolong the lifespan of the floor along with the correct cleaners and techniques to use to help keep it looking great.

Our deep cleaning process really brightened up this downstairs area and with young grandchildren coming round it is now a lot healthier for them to play on.

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