Porcelain Tiles Deep Cleaned


After having been down for around 20 years our client was intrigued to see how well these porcelain tiles and grout lines would clean up after all them years of dirt building up in the small pores and grout lines. We provided our free demo to showcase the results we could achieve in which our client was amazed with the results! Returning the grout lines to their original light colour and removing ingrained dirt from the tiles.

Embedded dirt, grime and bacteria had built up in the small pores of the tiles and in the grout lines causing them to look dark in appearance. Their once bright and colourful tiles had become dull and lifeless. Unfortunately the customers everyday cleaning methods and products were unable to touch this ingrained dirt, even with the latest steam mop!

To remove this stubborn dirt we used premium eco-friendly products combined with our heavy-duty oscillating machine to deep scrub the floor. We took extra attention to the grout lines as they were the main concern in which we had amazing results! Our porcelain tile cleaning process effectively removed stubborn ingrained dirt that had built up over many many years and returned the tiles and grout lines to their original colour.

A floor that our client was thinking about replacing now looks transformed after our deep clean, saving them thousands of pounds!

Porcelain tiles are sometimes sold as being bullet proof, however dirt, grime, grease, bacteria and other nasty pests can soon build up in the tiny pits and pores. This can significantly dull their appearance and potentially cause health problems!

Once we had completed the job we advised our customer on how to maintain the floor to prolong its lifespan and to keep it looking amazing for as long as possible.

Check out this photo during our deep cleaning process.

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