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11 year old Slate deep cleaned and sealed.

Amazing results! We were called in as this slate floor had seen better days, looked dull, and had soiled grout lines making them look dark in colour. Our customers were finding it difficult to maintain with the uneven/wavy surface that can trap dirt easily. We gave the slate a thorough mechanical scrub with our premium products. Giving extra attention to the grout lines as this is where most of the ingrained dirt was getting trapped. After removing the ingrained dirt the natural colours were restored! Grout lines back to their original colour and sealed to not only protect the slate and grout lines but to also lift the natural colours even more! Our customers were very happy with the results having struggled maintaining it for over 11 years. We gave them maintenance advice and a complimentary bottle of our premium cleaner to keep the floor looking great all year round. What a difference it has made to this kitchen/dining area, lifting the colours and brightening up this room! If your Slate floor needs our help, don’t hesitate to get in contact! There are many benefits professional cleaning/restoration of your slate floors can have.

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