Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Our professional cleaning process uses the latest most advanced machinery and premium eco/pet friendly products to make our clean the most thorough deep clean you will ever see.

Your tiles whether ceramic, porcelain and more offer an amazing aesthetic appeal to your space. With many different colours and designs and their hard-wearing properties tiled floors are popular all around the world. However, over time their once dazzling appearance becomes dull and dirty.

Dirt, grime, and bacteria often gets trapped in the small pores and grout lines of your floors which we are specialists in removing. Bringing back that amazing just laid finish.

Our Process

Free survey and demo

We will come to your home and provide a survey of your tile and grout. This will help us determine what tiles you have and the appropriate cleaning methods for the best possible results. We provide a FREE demo to showcase the results we can achieve.

Prepare Room

We will remove any loose soiling and prepare the floor for our pre-treatment; this may include protecting surrounding areas and moving furniture.


We will spray our premium eco/pet-friendly cleaning agents onto the floor and leave to dwell for the suitable amount of time to break down stubborn dirt, grime, and bacteria in your floors.

Mechanical Scrubbing

We use the most up to date advanced machinery to provide oscillating and rotary powered deep scrubbing. With our fleet of hard floor cleaning machinery, we are able to provide close edge deep cleaning so you can be sure every inch of your floor is squeaky clean.

Water Extraction

Once the stubborn dirt has been deep scrubbed, we use our water extraction process to rinse the floor with water and a high-power vacuum to bring the dirt solution into our on-board vacuum tanks.

Power Drying

We dry the floor completely before leaving, using power floor dryers, and buffing the surface if needed, eliminating water marks, and leaving a blemish free floor.


If your tiles or grout are porous, we may recommend sealing the floor to protect it against future staining and making maintenance easier. We test your tiles and grout at our initial demo to determine whether you will benefit from having your floor sealed as there are many benefits.

Receive a FREE bottle of our premium cleaner along with our maintenance advice to help keep your floor looking amazing.

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